A Summary of the Revelation of the Seven Seals


In this book, Brother Jason DeMars brings a summary of the revelation of the seven seals. This important revelation is relevant to all Christians today. In Daniel 12:4, 9-10 there is a tremendous promise made through Daniel that the sealed book will be opened in the end time. We are now living in the end time, therefore, it is important that we see and understand this vital revelation.
God sent William Branham to be a prophet to his generation. His ministry was often misunderstood and heavily criticized. Even today there are those that call him every name in the book. This has been the case for men of God through out all the ages. In this book you will find out exactly how God dealt with this men and led him into the Arizona desert and then back to his humble home church in Jeffersonville, Indiana, where an incredible revelation was made know to him. In this book you will learn…
-an important part of redemption that has been very neglected by theologians and prophecy experts over the ages
-how the spirit of antichrist works to deceive the church throughout the church age
-why there is silence in heaven for the space of half an hour
-what the revelation of the seven thunders in Revelation 10:4 accomplishes
-and much more…


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