Brother Jason DeMars started Present Truth Ministries in 2008 with a desire to help establish believers around the world in the present truth. Shortly after that time he came in contact with an Iranian minister living in Istanbul. He invited brother Jason to start working with them. Since that time we’ve translated over 40 sermons of brother Branham, established four churches in Turkey, led hundreds of people to the message, distributed thousands of Bibles and led many Muslims to Christ. It is the mission and goal of PTM to establish the end time message in the hearts of believers and raise up a team of ministers in the Middle East that will take the revelation of the opening of the Word through out the final frontier of missions. By discipleship, teaching and getting involved in ministers and believers lives we purpose to get the full revelation of the message into their hearts so that they can in turn disciple and train believers to do the very same work we are doing. In this process, under the leadership and headship of Christ we are purposed to find the last predestinated seed of God so that we can go to our eternal home!