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Welcome to the PTM Resources store.

Our purpose, as always, is to teach the end time message from the Bible and to help deeply establish the believer in it. As well as challenge the unbeliever to consider the truth that revealed in this day. You can order end time message materials, books, and DVDs from us. The message materials we provide are not replace listening to and reading the message of Brother Branham. Neither is it intended to usurp the authority of your local pastor. If you have any questions about anything or are concerned about anything, please refer to your pastor. PTM Resources is the online store of  Present Truth Ministries. All of your purchases and donation go towards support of missionaries who are working in the Middle East and any materials they need to feed the flock.

The DVD Persia Unveiled is coming soon and will be available shortly after June 30, 2017. We appreciate your prayers and support for our missionary work. Another way for you to support our missionary work is to purchase our books. We make them available for a low price. Another way you can help spread the word about this end time message ministry is to share this store and our books and DVDs with your pastor and other believers in your local church.

Your first duty is to support your local pastor and church. Once you have fulfilled that duty then prayerfully consider supporting missions work. Whatever God leads you to do we are grateful for your consideration. And if nothing else remember us in your prayers on a daily basis. You can sign up to become a missionary prayer sponsor, and we will send you a magnet to put on your fridge that will remind you to pray on a daily basis.


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